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RIGHT OFF THE BAT® is a baseball board game produced with pride in America! The game consists of a pair of dice, tokens, playing board, score sheets and a rulebook. No Batteries required! You can play any game, series, or season from the past, present, future or fantasy.

Play against yourself for both teams, against another player, couples against couples or have a house party with 9 players on each team! This game is so much fun that before you know it, it's way past your bedtime. You'll find yourself getting caught up in it, just like the big leaguers (or little leaguers)!

RIGHT OFF THE BAT® is the only versatile baseball board game that will grab your attention and hold it until the very last play is over.

RIGHT OFF THE BAT® There are three levels of play. The beginner's level is a basic 'quick game' without getting to statistics, just pick a team and play! At the Intermediate level, you can pick named players and track statistics. And the Advanced level will grab and hold the interest of the avid baseball fan by including statistics, player selections and decisions (bunt or knock it out of the park?), left handed batters against right handed pitchers (intentional walk?), manager's strategies and decisions including anything that might occur in a real game!

You can play this level until the sun comes up and always have genuine, real baseball world results! You'll be on the edge of your seat when you get a tie game and have a chance to make a triple play or grand slam, and youll be jumping out of your seat to cheer your team on. Any level of baseball enthusiast will stay focused. Over 3,000 unique games have been played including the entire 1967 season and World Series and the results are astounding! Every move has been calculated and the board is arranged so that each move can change the outcome of the game. You'll learn to play baseball like a pro!

The RIGHT OFF THE BAT® game board is a baseball diamond and playing field bordered by blocks, each block containing a play such as a 'Fly out to right field', 'Strike out swinging', Single, Double or Home Run! lust roll the dice and move the number of blocks indicated by the dice. This is the most exciting and authentic baseball board game, bar none!

RIGHT OFF THE BAT® is manufactured to exacting specification by NAPCO of North Carolina and is designed to stand up to heavy use. You won't find yourself discarding this game as one might with the hand-held, calculator-like games. Everyone's a winner with this winning game. Authentic and exciting, it is the game to have and the game to play.